S.No Departments Programmes Offered
1 Department of Anthropology

M.A. Anthropology
Ph.D. Anthropology

2 Department of Sociology

M.A. Sociology
Ph.D. Sociology
P.G. Diploma in Rural Development

3 Department of Social Work

Master of Social Work (MSW)
Ph.D. (Social Work): Full time and part-time both internal and external


4 Department of History

M.A. History
M. A. History (Five Year Integrated)
Ph.D. History

5 Department of Politics and International Studies

M.A. Politics and International Relations
M.A. Political Science (Five Year Integrated Programme)
Ph.D. Politics & International Studies (Full-time & Part-time (Internal & External))
P.G. Diploma in Industrial Relations & Labour Laws (Add-on Course)
P.G. Diploma in Human Rights (Add-on Course)

6 Escande Chair in Asian Christian Studies

Ph.D. Asian Christian Studies
P.G. Diploma in Asian Christian Studies

7 Department of Food Science and Technology

M.Sc. Food Science and Nutrition
M. Sc Food Science and Technology

8 Department of Management Studies

1) MBA - Master of Business Administration - Regular Programme
2) MBA (DA) - Master of Business Administration (Data Analytics) - self financing programme
3) Ph.D programme (Full-Time and Part-Time)

9 Department of Computer Science

M.Sc. Computer Science.

M.Sc. Five Year Integrated Computer Science


M.Tech. Computer Science & Engineering.

M.Tech. Network & Internet Engineering.

Ph.D. Computer Science & Engineering [Full-time, Part-time (Internal & External)]

10 Centre for Adult and Continuing Education
  • Ph.D. Adult and Continuing Education -Inter Disciplinary [Full-time & Part-time].
11 Department of Commerce

M.Com (Business Finance)

M.Com (Accounting and Taxation)

Ph.D.    Commerce (Full-time & Part-time)

PG Diploma in Investment Management (PGDIM).

12 Department of Economics

Ph.D. (Full- time, Part-time (Internal & External))
M.Sc. Economics (2 Year PG Programme)
M.Sc. Economics ( 5 years Integrated Programme)

13 Department of Tourism Studies

M.B.A (Tourism)
Ph.D. (Tourism Studies)

14 Department of Banking Technology

M.B.A. Banking Technology
Ph.D. ( Full-time & Part-time)

15 Department of International Business

MBA (International Business)
Ph.D. (International Business)
P.G. Diploma in Foreign Trade (Add-on)

16 Department of Mathematics

M.Sc. Mathematics
M.Sc. (Five year Integrated Course)
Ph.D. Mathematics (Full-time, Part-time (Internal & External))

17 Department of Statistics

M.Sc. Statistics (Regular)
M.Sc. Statistics (Five year Integrated)
M.Sc. Quantitative Finance
Ph.D. in Statistics (Full-time and Part-time)
P.G. Diploma in Statistical and Research Methods (Add on Course)

For getting admission in to the courses M.Sc. Statistics (Regular), M.Sc. Statistics (Five year Integrated), M.Sc. Quantitative Finance and Ph.D. Programme in Statistics (Full-time and Part-time), the candidates have to appear for the entrance examination conducted by Pondicherry University. 

Eligibility to Get Admission:

M.Sc. Statistics (Regular): Bachelor’s degree in Statistics or Mathematics with Statistics as an allied subject with a minimum of 55% of marks.

M.Sc. Statistics (Five year Integrated): Pass in Higher Secondary Schooling (HSC / +2) with a minimum of 50% of marks with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as subjects of study (Candidates with other branches are not eligible for this programme).

M.Sc. Quantitative Finance:    A candidate who has secured 55% marks or above in any one of the following or equivalent is eligible to apply. B. Sc. (Maths), B. Sc. (Statistics), B.Com (with Mathematics), B.A(Eco) (With Mathematics), Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (Computer Science & Engineering/ Information Technology) or Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/Computer Applications/Information Technology.

PG Diploma in Statistical and Research Methodology:  Bachelor’s Degree in any branch (admission in to the program will be on first come first served basis).

18 Department of Electronics Engineering
  • M.Tech. Electronics & Communication Engineering
  • Ph.D. Electronics & Communication Engineering

M.Tech. Electronics & Communication Engineering  Duration: 2 years - Full Time
The main focus of this M.Tech degree is to impart a thorough and in-depth study of basic and advanced courses through class room and laboratory sessions pertaining to the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering. This programme moulds the students to be complete technical personals to meet the increasing demand of Information and Communication Technology.

Curriculum of the M.Tech. Programme  

Ph.D. Electronics & Communication Engineering (Full Time/Part Time)
Ph.D. programme in Electronics and Communication Engineering has been introduced in the academic year 2011-12.  The thrust areas of the research works are:

  • Antennas
  • Digital Signal and Image Processing
  • Microwave and Millimetre-wave Engineering
  • Network and Information Security
  • Optical Communication and Devices
  • VLSI Design
  • Wireless Communication and Networks

Regulations of the Ph.D. Programme 
The rules and regulations of the Ph.D programme with respect to the Department of Electronics Engineering will be as per the norms of Pondicherry University specified in the Admission prospectus.

Fellowship offered by the University
All  full-time candidates admitted into the Ph.D. programme will get University fellowship of      Rs. 8000/- per month and contingency grant of Rs. 10,000/- per year.

19 Centre for Pollution Control and Environmental Engineering

M.Tech. (Envr.Engg. & Mgmt.)
Ph.D. (Envr. Technology & Engg.)

20 Department of Physics

M.Sc. Physics (2 years) programme is offered with three Specializations (Condensed Matter Physics/ Laser Physics/ Electronics)
M.Sc. Physics (5 year Integrated)
Ph.D. Physics (Full-time)

21 Department of Chemistry

M.Sc. Chemical Sciences (2 Years)
M.Sc. Chemistry (Five year Integrated)
Ph.D. Chemistry (Full-time, Part-time (Internal))

22 Department of Earth Sciences

M.Sc. Applied Geology (2 year)
M.Sc. Applied Geology (Five year Integrated)

23 Department of Applied Psychology

M.Sc., Applied Psychology
P.G. Diploma in Industrial Psychology (one year)
Ph.D. (Full-time & Part-time)

24 Department of Library & Information Science


Ph.D. in Library & Information Science

P.G. Diploma in Library Automation & Networking (Add-on Course)

MLIS Student Interaction with Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam on 15.03.2011

Faculty Ontology

25 Department of Biotechnology
  • M. Sc. Biotechnology
  • Ph.D. Biotechnology (Full-time)
  • PG-Diploma in Biotechnology
26 Centre for Bioinformatics
  • M.Sc. Bioinformatics
  • M.Tech. Computational Biology
  • Ph.D. Bioinformatics 
27 Department of Food Science and Technology

M. Sc. Food Science and Nutrition

Bachelor’s degree in Food and Nutrition / Food Technology / Food Science /Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics of Composite / General Home Science / Biochemistry / Biotechnology / Microbiology /Chemistry/ Agriculture /dairy / fisheries at B.Sc. / BAMS/BSMS.

M. Sc. Food Science and Technology

B. Sc. /B. Tech Degree in Agriculture / Agricultural Engineering/ Food Technology/ Home Science/ Food Science and Nutrition/ Food Science and Quality Control/ Clinical Nutrition/ Biochemistry/Biotechnology/ Microbiology. Mathematics at +1/+2 / P.U.C. level is compulsory (exempted for students with B. Sc. / B. Tech, Food Science and Technology / Food Technology).

Ph. D. Food Science and Nutrition

Master’s degree in Food Science and Nutrition/ Home Science/ Microbiology/ Biotechnology with a minimum of 55% of marks (Full time, Part-time: internal and external)

Ph. D. Food Science and Technology

Master’s degree in Food Science and Technology/Food Engineering/Food Technology/ Food Process Engineering/ Agricultural Engineering/ Chemical Engineering/ Microbiology/Industrial Biotechnology/ Biotechnology with a minimum of 55% of marks

(Full time, Part-time: internal and external)

For more details on the MSc and PhD programmes, please contact the HOD or refer to the University website for announcements.

Candidates with research fellowships may contact the Department anytime of the year for admission.

28 Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

M.Sc. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Ph.D. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (Full Time)

29 Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences

1. M.Sc. Ecology

2. M.Sc. Environmental Sciences

3. Ph.D. Ecology and Environmental Sciences (Full time)

30 Department of Ocean Studies and Marine Biology

M. Sc., Marine Biology

Ph. D., Marine Biology




Course Details of M.Sc. Marine Biology

31 Department of Coastal Disaster Management

M.Sc. Coastal Disaster Management
Ph.D. Coastal Disaster Management

32 Department of English
  • M.A. English and Comparative Literature
  • Ph.D. English (Full-time & Part-time (Internal & External)
  • PG Diploma in Professional Communication in English (PGDPCE)
33 Department of French

M.A. French (Translation and Interpretation)
Ph.D. French (Full-time & Part-time (Internal & External))

34 Department of Hindi

M.A. Hindi
Ph.D. Hindi (Full-Time & Part-Time {Internal & External})

Evening Courses:
P.G. Diploma in Functional Hindi and Translation

35 Department of Sanskrit

M.A. Sanskrit
Ph.D. Sanskrit (Full-time & Part-time (Internal & External))

36 Department of Philosophy

M.A. Philosophy
Ph.D. Philosophy (Full time & Part-time (Internal & external))

37 Department of Physical Education and Sports

M.P.Ed. Master of Physical Education

Ph.D. Physical Education (Full-time & Part-time (Internal & External))



NCTE Recognition



38 Department of Performing Arts

M.P.A. Drama and Theatre Arts M.Phil. Drama and Theatre Arts (Full- time) Ph.D. Drama and Theatre Arts Full- time & Part-time (Internal & External) PG Diploma in Theatre Arts (Add on Course)

39 Centre for Green Energy Technology

M.Tech. Green Energy Technology
Ph.D. Green Energy Technology

40 Centre for Nano Sciences & Technology

M.Tech. -Nanoscience and Technology
Ph.D. - Nanoscience and Technology

41 Centre for Women's Studies

PhD Women's Studies (Full-time & Part-time (Internal & External))

42 UMISARC - Centre for South Asian Studies

M.A. South Asian Studies

Ph.D South Asian Studies


43 Centre for Study of Social Exclusion & Inclusive Policy

Ph.D. Social Exclusion & Inclusive Policy (Full-time & Part-time (Internal & External))

44 Centre for Foreign Language

Add-On Evening Certificate of Proficiency Courses in:

* Arabic
* French
* German
* Japanese
* Russian

* Spanish

Resource Persons

Ms. Linda Barbara Foote

Ms.Swapna Ghosh

Mrs. Arati Kumari

Mrs. Lee, Mi Hong

Mrs. Nathalie Cazach
Mrs. Yuko Watanabe

Mr. A.Sathar Khan



45 Department of Management Studies - Karaikal Campus
  • M.B.A. (Insurance Management)

  • M.B.A. (Consultancy management)

  • Ph.D.   (Management)

46 Department of Commerce - Karaikal Campus

Master of Commerce-Business Finance

47 Department of Computer Science- Karaikal Campus

MCA – Master of Computer Applications (3 years)

M.Sc – Master of Science (Computer Science)
(2 years)

Ph.D – Computer Science & Engineering (Full time / Part time – Internal / External)

48 Centre for European Studies
49 Department of Microbiology
  1. M.Sc. Microbiology
  2. Ph.D. Microbiology
50 Centre for Adult and Continuing Education

  • Ph.D. Adult and Continuing Education – Inter Disciplinary [Full-time & Part-time]

51 Centre for Southern Asia Studies Programme
  • Ph.D. in Southern Asia Studies
52 Department of Electronic Media and Mass Communication
  • M.A. Mass Communication
  • M.Sc. Electronic Media
  • Ph.D. Mass Communication
  • Ph.D. Electronic Media


53 Centre for Maritime Studies
  • Soft Core Courses in Maritime Studies
  • Ph.D. Programme in Maritime Studies