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The UGC Centre for Maritime Studies (CMS) was established during the academic year 2014-15 by the University Grants Commission under its Area Studies Programme. The CMS would examine the relevant policies and mechanisms aimed at fulfilling the new maritime objectives of India. The CMS intends to introduce Ph.D.Programme and Soft Core courses in Maritime Studies.

Faculty & Research Personnel: The UGC sanctioned one Assistant Professor and two Research Personnel (RA/ PA/PF ) for the period i.e. 2014-1019 to the Centre and will be recruited soon.


The Centre would promote research, teaching and other academic programmes on the following areas of concern to Indian national interests. Considering India’s strategic location across the east-west SCLOCS of the IOR, the Centre would promote studies on India’s role in ensuring the safety of SLOCs, trade, energy security and cooperative linkages with other coastal states to combat the maritime threats and maintain a peaceful and stable order in the IOR.

1. Maritime jurisdiction, resources, cooperation and conflicts with neighbours
2. Non-traditional threats to India’s maritime security: piracy, maritime terrorism, environmental threats
3. Building maritime connectivity, merchant shipping, development of maritime infrastructure, national maritime development policy, foreign collaborative ventures
4. India and Indian Ocean Security Regime
5. India and the Regional Initiatives


· To blossom into a Centre of Excellence for Maritime Studies in India and later as an Institute of Maritime Studies
· To provide a platform for interdisciplinary teaching and research
· To develop network with other Institutions
· To create awareness about the maritime affairs/issues in India


Selected Publications & Academic activities

1 Authored: India’s Maritime Security: Challenges and Opportunities (forthcoming)
2 Co-authored: Maritime Cooperation between India and Sri Lanka  (New Delhi: Manohar Publishers, 2006)
3 Co-edited, India-Southeast Asia: Strategic Convergence in the 21st Century (New Delhi: Manohar Publishers, 2012)
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Lectures on the subject related:40
Projects on the subject related:
1 Maritime Cooperation between India and Sri Lanka. Funded by the RCSS, Colombo.
2 India’s Maritime Security: Challenges and Opportunities. Funded by the University Grants Commission, New Delhi.
Editorial board:
1 Associate Editor, Indian Ocean Region, a bi-annual Journal, London: Routledge,  2010-13.
2 Associate Editor, Indian Ocean Survey, a bi-annual Journal of the Indian Ocean Research Group (IORG), Hyderabad, during 2005-2009
3 Joint Editor, South Asian Affairs, a bi-annual Journal of the Centre for SAARC Studies, Andhra University, 2008-2010
4 Associate Editor, South Asian Studies, Pondicherry University since 2012 till date
5 Editorial Member, Indian Ocean Region, a bi-annual Journal, London: Routledge,  2013 till date
6 Associate Editor, Journal of Asia-Pacific Studies (E Journal), S.V. University, Tirupati, since 2009
7 Editorial Member, South Asian Studies, Department of  History, University of North Bengal, since 2013
8 Editorial Member, SAARCLAW Review, a bi-annual journal, M.K.Nambyar NALSAR SAARC Centre, Hyderabad, since 2014.


Programmes Offered

  • Soft Core Courses in Maritime Studies
  • Ph.D. Programme in Maritime Studies





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