December 2012

Title News Type Post date
Public Viva Voce Examination of Ms.V.Mangala Gowri on 11.12.2012 - Dept. of Sanskrit Circular 06-12-2012
Public Viva Voce Examination of Mr.Maheswar Parhi on 18.12.2012 - Dept. of Sanskrit Circular 06-12-2012
Ph.D. Synopsis Presentation of Ms.Tanuja Mohanty on 10.12.2012 - Dept. of Sanskrit Circular 06-12-2012
Seminar on Solar fuels: some examples from Nature on 06.12.2012 - Centre for Green Energy Technology Events 06-12-2012
Shortlisted Candidates from Cognizant Aptitude Test - Placement Cell Circular 06-12-2012
Tenders for Linear IC Power Supply - Dept. of Astrophysics Tenders 05-12-2012
One Day Memorial Seminar on 06.12.2012- PU Dalit Students Circular 05-12-2012
Dean, Student's Welfare - Contact Number Circular 05-12-2012
Blood donation camp on 07.12.2012 at 10.00 a.m Circular 05-12-2012
Preparation of University Prospectus for the Academic Year 2013-14 Circular 05-12-2012
Submission of Annual Review of Property Returns for the Year 2012 Circular 05-12-2012
Recruitment for Project Fellow - Dept. of Statistics Careers 05-12-2012
Soft Core Course - Centre for Green Energy Technology Circular 04-12-2012
In-Plant Training on ‘Telecom Management’ 05th to 07th Dec 2012 - Dept. of Computer Science, Karaikal Campus Events 04-12-2012
Recruitment for Project Assistant - Dept. of Sanskrit Careers 04-12-2012
Tenders for Replacing the damaged window frame with glass shutters in the Caveri hostel - Engg. Wing Tenders 04-12-2012
Lectures on 4th to 06th Dec 2012 - Centre for Foreign Languages Events 04-12-2012
Soft Core Courses for Even Semester 2012-13 – Dept. of Anthropology Student News 03-12-2012
Dr. Priya Davidar Elected as Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science Circular 03-12-2012