March 2012

Title News Type Post date
Physical Stock/Assets Verification Circular 14-03-2012
Faculty Development Programme - Entrepreneurship on 14th to 23rd March 2012 - RVS IMS & CA, Karaikal Events 14-03-2012
Ph.D. Synopsis Public Presentation of Ms.P.Uma Maheswari on 29th March 2012 - Dept. of History Circular 14-03-2012
Inaugural Function of Women Entrepreneurship Development Programme 2012 - Pondicherry University, Karaikal Campus Events 14-03-2012
Awareness Programme on usage of Microsoft Products Circular 13-03-2012
M.Phil Viva Presentation of Mr.M.Jeyakanthan on 15th March 2012 - Dept. of Physics Circular 13-03-2012
Two-Day Workshop on Research Methodology on 19th & 20th March 2012 - Dept. of Management Studies, Karaikal Campus Events 13-03-2012
Screening of movies from 17th - 23rd March 2012 - Pondicherry University Film Club Circular 13-03-2012
Recruitment for the temporary posts for the project entitled "Dravidian Wordnet" - Tamil University Circular 12-03-2012
Recruitment for Project Fellow - Dept. of Physics Careers 12-03-2012
Invited Lecture by Prof. S.Dutta Gupta, University of Hyderabad on 16th March 2012 - Dept. of Physics Events 12-03-2012
Invited Lecture by Dr.N.Baskaran, NIT, Trichy on 14th March 2012 - Dept. of Physics Events 12-03-2012
Invited Lecture by Prof. V.Seshubai, University of Hyderabad on 14th March 2012 - Dept. of Physics Events 12-03-2012
Invited Lecture by Dr.Akhilesh K.Arora, IGCAR on 12th March 2012 - Dept. of Physics Events 12-03-2012
International Conference on Multiple Streams of a Performing Tradition on 26, 27& 28th March 2012 - School of Performing Events 12-03-2012
Aura'12 Witness the Rising on 15th, 16th, 17th & 18th March 2012 Circular 09-03-2012
Quotations invited for printing and supply of University News letter Tenders 09-03-2012
Tenders invited for Purchase of electrical materials on Rate contract basis - Electrical Wing Tenders 09-03-2012
Tender Notice for Supplying Minor Equipments - Dept. of Physics Tenders 09-03-2012
Tender for Linkam THMSG600 stage and accessories - Dept. of Earth Sciences Tenders 09-03-2012
Three-Day Workshop on Feminist Research Methodology, 20th to 22nd March 2012 - Centre for Women's Studies Events 09-03-2012
Ph.D. Viva-Voce Notification of Ms.Manoharan Durgadevi on 23rd March 2012 - Dept. of Food Science & Technology Circular 09-03-2012
Guest Lecture programme scheduled for 9th, 12th - 13th Mar 2012 - Dept. of Sociology Events 08-03-2012
Closure of Imprest Account for the Financial Year 2011-12 Circular 08-03-2012
Enrollment Notification 2012-13 - Air Wing unit Circular 08-03-2012