March 2012

Title News Type Post date
National Science Day 2012 - Puduvai Vaani Circular 20-03-2012
Ph.D. Synopsis Presentation of Mr.Sunil Paul on 28th March 2012 - Dept. of Economics Circular 20-03-2012
Invited Lecture by Dr.N.Harish Kumar, IIT Madras on 22nd March 2012 - Dept. of Physics Events 20-03-2012
Series of Special Lectures on 22nd & 23rd March 2012 - Dept. of History Events 20-03-2012
Québec Tuition Fee Exemption For Indian Students Circular 20-03-2012
Announcement of Faculty and Students Mobility Programme - 2012-13 Circular 20-03-2012
Ramanujan-Bose Prize 2012 Circular 20-03-2012
Two Days UGC-SAP Seminar on India’s Security Policy on 26th & 27th March 2012 – Dept. of Politics & Int. Studies Events 19-03-2012
Patent Prior Art Search and Invitation Analysis - CDAC Circular 19-03-2012
Mandatory to Enrol as Members of the Library Circular 19-03-2012
Special Lecture Series on Globalisation on 19th -20th March 2012 - Dept. of Banking Technology Events 19-03-2012
Three-Day Workshop on Feminist Research Methodology on 20th-22nd March 2012 - Centre for Women's Studies Events 18-03-2012
Inauguration of the Three-Day International Conference on Children's Literature: Truth and Fiction on 21st Mar 2012 Events 17-03-2012
Special Lecture series on ISLAMIC BANKING on 19 - 20th March 2012 - Dept. of Banking Technology Events 16-03-2012
Request to update information - University Web Portal Circular 16-03-2012
Issue of Coffee Table Books Circular 16-03-2012
Hindi Classes for University Employees – Hindi Cell Circular 16-03-2012
Wipro Mission 10 X - Faculty Development Program on 7th to 11th May 2012 - Karaikal Campus Events 16-03-2012
Circular towards Purchase of Scientific Equipments Circular 16-03-2012
Auction Notice - Horticulture Wing Tenders 16-03-2012
Live telecast of Union budget 2012-13 from 11.00a.m to 1.00p.m at J.N. Auditorium Circular 16-03-2012
Adjustment of pending advances for closing of accounts for the financial year 2011-12 Circular 15-03-2012
National Seminar on Technology Integrated Teacher Education on 29th to 30th March 2012 - School of Education Events 15-03-2012
Willingness called for - Conduct of Qualifying Departmental Test Circular 15-03-2012
Ph.D. Synopsis Presentation of Mrs.Sushree Sangeeta Samantara on 28.03.2012 - Dept. of Ecology & Envir. Sciences Circular 15-03-2012