September 2018

Title News Type Post date
Invited Talk on “HIV Biology, Pathogenesis & Gene Therapy” Events 28-09-2018
Recruitment of Junior Research Fellow/Project Fellow - Dept. of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Careers 28-09-2018
Ph.D. Public Viva – Voce Examination of Mr.S.Chandrasekar on 12th October 2018 Circular 28-09-2018
Lectures on (i) Harappan Archaeology: Recent Perspectives & Rakhigarhi, Haryana, (ii) Early Maritime Activities - from the Harappan to the Early Historic Events 28-09-2018
Guest Lecture on New Product Development Events 28-09-2018
Ph.D. Synopsis Presentation of Mr.Thangula Saddu on 11th October 2018 Circular 28-09-2018
Notification of Ph.D. Public Viva – Voce Examination of Mr.Arunkumar A.S 10th October 2018 Circular 28-09-2018
Notification of Ph.D. Synopsis Public Presentation of Mr.Venkata Subba Rao Mandava on 12th October 2018 Circular 28-09-2018
Appointment of Head for the Department of Ecology & Environmental Sciences – Orders Issued Circular 28-09-2018
Conduct of Tour to Tirupathi & Tirumala - Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation Circular 28-09-2018
Tender for Purchase of Project Equipments Tenders 28-09-2018
Lecture on “For Better Societies in Future: Lessons from History” Events 28-09-2018
Workshop on MOOCs Development & Delivery Circular 28-09-2018
Ph.D. Synopsis Presentation Notification of Mr.Manzoor Ahmad on 09th October 2018 Circular 27-09-2018
Inviting Tender from the Reputed Workshop / Service Station for Carryout the FC Works for the University Vehicle Bearing Tenders 27-09-2018
Departmental/Unit wise Physical Verification of stock report as on 31.03.2018 - called for Circular 27-09-2018
Final Report – A Socio-Economic, Nutritional & Health Evaluation Among Worker of Different Sector of Textile Industries Circular 27-09-2018
Ph.D. Public Viva – Voce Examination of Devi.K on 5th October 2018 Circular 27-09-2018
Inauguration of Certificate Programme in Book Publishing Circular 27-09-2018
Lecture on “Titanic Corrosion” Circular 27-09-2018
Symposium on Elderly Women in the Ageing Scenario Events 27-09-2018
Revised - Walk-in-interview for Guest Faculty Positions - DDE Careers 27-09-2018
Notification of Public Ph.D. Viva – Voce Examination of Mr.Subhradev Sen on 8th October 2018 Circular 27-09-2018
Pre-Ph.D. Synopsis Presentation of Mr.Haribabu, Boddu on 4th October 2018 Circular 27-09-2018
Celebration of 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahathma Gandhi Circular 27-09-2018