September 2018

Title News Type Post date
Invitation for Invited Lectures Events 15-09-2018
Revised National Workshop on Research Methodology in Social Sciences Events 15-09-2018
Extension of Ph.D. Fellowship for the Fourth Year in Respect of Ph.D. Scholar – Sanction Order – Issued Circular 15-09-2018
Conduct of Mock Peer Team Visit Circular 14-09-2018
Preparation of 32nd Annual Report 2017-18 – Particulars - Invited Circular 14-09-2018
Correction in Students Name, Course Code & Title, Details of Dropping of Courses etc., in SAMS Portal Circular 14-09-2018
Notification for Ph.D. Synopsis (Public) Presentation of Mr.Suneel Kumar Yalla on 28th September 2018 Circular 14-09-2018
Mock Peer Team Visit on 15.09.2018 Circular 14-09-2018
NAAC Team Visit Working day on 15th September 2018 (Saturday) Circular 12-09-2018
Selected List of Hostel Welfare Committee Members for the Academic Year 2018-19 Circular 12-09-2018
Revised - Ph.D. Public Viva - Voce of Mr.Oinam Kingson Singh on 24th September 2018 Circular 12-09-2018
Ph.D. Pre-Submission Seminar of Ms.Nishna. K on 25th September 2018 Circular 12-09-2018
Filling up of Vacancy for the Post of Deputy Director (Administration & Finance) - National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi Circular 12-09-2018
Dengue Awareness Among University Students Circular 12-09-2018
Notification of Ph.D. Public Viva - Voce Examination of Col Subramanian. R on 24th September 2018 Circular 12-09-2018
Alumni Meet 2018 - Dept. of Computer Science Events 12-09-2018
Synopsis Presentation of S. Arrivazhaguy on 17th September 2018 Circular 12-09-2018
Online Faculty Profile Updation Circular 12-09-2018
Mock Peer Team Visit to the Departments Circular 12-09-2018
VC's Meeting With all Students/Research Scholars on 12.09.2018 at 4.00 p.m. Circular 11-09-2018
Hindi Month of Competition on 12.09.2018 Circular 11-09-2018
Invitation of Hindi Month -2018 Inaugural Function Circular 11-09-2018
Inauguration of Hindi Month-2018 Celebrations Circular 11-09-2018
National Workshop on Research Methodology in Social Sciences Events 11-09-2018
Ph.D. Viva - Voce Notification of Ms.M.Jayanthi on 24th September 2018 Circular 11-09-2018