February 2017

Title News Type Post date
Tender for supply of Lab Equipments - Centre for Nanoscience & Technology Tenders 14-02-2017
Meeting Notice of Hostel Welfare Committee on 24.02.2017 - Boys Hostels Office Circular 14-02-2017
Seminar Invitation - GLOBIZZ ’17 on 16th & 17th Feb 2017 - Dept. of International Business Events 14-02-2017
6th Puducherry International Documentary & Short Film Festival on 16-19 Feb 2017 - DEMMC Events 13-02-2017
Recruitment of One Project Fellow - Dept. of Physics Careers 13-02-2017
Public Viva-Voce Examination of Mr.Padmanabhan N.S on 21st Feb 2017 Circular 13-02-2017
Corrigendum - Recruitment of Research Assistant - UGC-HRDC Careers 13-02-2017
Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Policy approved by the 77th Academic Council Meeting held on 03.10.2016 Circular 13-02-2017
Start-Up Centre - Innovative proposal for setting up Start-up companies Circular 13-02-2017
In-charge arrangement of Assistant Dean, Student’s Welfare Circular 13-02-2017
Ph.D. Pre-Submission Seminar of Mr.Prachand Narayan on 20.02.2017 Circular 10-02-2017
Recruitment of Research Assistant - UGC-HRDC Careers 10-02-2017
Ph.D. Synopsis Presentation of Mr.Mudasir Habib on 21.02.2017 Circular 10-02-2017
Ph.D. Public Viva Voce Examination of Ms.Bhagyashree Ray on 24.02.2017 Circular 10-02-2017
Tender for providing & laying ASTM pipe with 20HP centrifugal motar pump set Tenders 10-02-2017
Ph.D. Synopsis (Public) presentation of Ms.S.Narayani on 16th Feb 2017 Circular 10-02-2017
One Day Training Programme on “Entrepreneurial Financing for startups” on 10th Feb 2017 Events 10-02-2017
PU- Participation in Orientation/ Refresher Course at UGC- HRDC Circular 09-02-2017
Award of UGC Non-NET Fellowship to Retired Professors and Foreign/NRI/Overseas students Circular 09-02-2017
Ph.D. Public Viva-Voce of Mr.S.Raghunandan on 20th Feb 2017 Circular 09-02-2017
CWEI - Intellectual Property Rights- Geographical Indication Circular 08-02-2017
Tenders invited for RFP towards conducting Entrance Examination for Admissions to Pondicherry University using Computer Based Testing (CBT) Methods Tenders 08-02-2017
National Science Day “ Science & Technology for specially abled persons” on 27-28 Feb 2017 Events 08-02-2017
Notice to Hostel Inmates - Non Payment of Mess Fees Circular 08-02-2017
Ph.D. Public Viva-Voce Notification of Mrs.Nisha N.B. on 21.02.2017 Circular 08-02-2017