August 2016

Title News Type Post date
Admission to the Ph.D programme 2016-17 and merit list - Dept. of Physics Admission 19-08-2016
Issue of RFID cards to the Faculty, Staff, Students and Research Scholars Circular 19-08-2016
Meeting of the Deans of all Schools at 3.00 p.m. today 19.08.2016 (Friday) Circular 19-08-2016
Ph.D Synopsis Public Presentation Notification of Mr.A.Nallathambi on 30.08.2016 Circular 19-08-2016
Ph.D Synopsis Public Presentation Notification of Mr.R.Raman on 29.08.2016 Circular 19-08-2016
Submission of application form for Official Hindi Language Exam - Hindi Cell Circular 19-08-2016
Provisional Admission to Ph.D. Programme and Select List - Dept. of Sanskrit Admission 19-08-2016
Tiranga (Tri Colour - National Flag) March on 22.08.2016 at 10.30 a.m. Circular 19-08-2016
Request to obtain the Vehicle pass from the office of the OSD Circular 18-08-2016
Intimation letter for Provisional Admission to Ph.D and Select & Wait list . - Dept. of Electronics & Communication Engg. Admission 18-08-2016
Ph.D Synopsis Presentation Notification of Mr.Mohammed Kashif on 26th August 2016 Circular 18-08-2016
Awareness Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights on 3rd September 2016 - Dept. of Physics Events 18-08-2016
Ph.D. Public Viva-Voce Notification of Mr.E.Jayaprasath on 01st Sep 2016 Circular 18-08-2016
Ph.D Synopsis Presentation of Mr.Marimuthu.P. on 26.08.2016 Circular 18-08-2016
Filling up of Vacancies in Admission to BVOC Coures-2016-17, Mahe Centre Admission 18-08-2016
Invitation to participate in Festember ‘16 Student News 18-08-2016
Invitation of AZAADI-70 on 18th August 2016 - SSS&IS Events 17-08-2016
Ph.D Synopsis (Public) Presentation of Mr.Santhosh Ram.B on 29th August 2016 Circular 17-08-2016
Ph.D. Synopsis Public Presentation Notification of Mrs.S.Mullaikodi on 23rd August 2016 - RMRC, Port Bliar Circular 17-08-2016
Tender for Construction of Additional Toilet at Community College Tenders 12-08-2016
Ph.D. Public Viva-Voce examination of Ms.Vijayalakshmi D on 30th August 2016 Circular 12-08-2016
Circular Regarding Club Activities Circular 12-08-2016
70th Independence Day Celebration on 15th August 2016. Circular 12-08-2016
Constitution of Hostel Welfare Committee Circular 12-08-2016
Ph.D. Synopsis Presentation of Mr.P.Balamurugan on 24th August 2016 Circular 12-08-2016