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Online admission for the academic year 2020-21

Pondicherry University Community College was established on 16th October 1995, the day  of  the Decennial  Celebration  of  Pondicherry University, formally  inaugurated   by Dr. (Ms.) A.S. Desai, the then Chairperson of the University Grants Commission. The Pondicherry University Community College is the first of its kind in the University system of higher education in India to cater to employment oriented education to the Community and is an experimental model of American and Canadian Community Colleges. The motto of Pondicherry University Community College is “Education for Employment through Skills Formation”. The educational activities are designed in line with the needs and demands of the local community. More specifically, the main objective of this College is “to offer job-oriented courses based on the perceived community demand for specific manpower”. In short, Community College is “for” the Community and “of” the Community.
The College performs four major functions namely, teaching, training, research and extension. It attempts to create a model of employment oriented education with adequate mutual collaboration and cooperation of members from various commercial, agricultural, government and academic institutions and organizations. 
The PUCC acts under the general, academic and administrative supervision of Pondicherry University. PUCC has been recognized by the UGC as a Constituent College of Pondicherry University.

Salient Features
The distinguishing hallmarks of Pondicherry University Community College are the following:

  1. The College ensures community participation in its educational activities. The members of the community participate in several ways, namely, in assessing the demand for manpower, framing of curriculum, teaching of courses etc.
  2. The College follows the policy for admission which helps to democratize education to every citizen at the tertiary level especially to candidates from villages and backward areas and to natives of Puducherry, subject to eligibility conditions.
  3. Courses are need-based and job-oriented and they are framed by the experts in the field, screened by Board of Studies and approved by the Academic Council of Pondicherry University.
  4. In almost all the courses offered by the PUCC, experiential learning and/or hands on experience is an essential component.  This experience is provided by practical or lab work both within the College and outside the premises, with the associated institutions.  Therefore, on-the-job training and industrial visits are integral component of every programme.
  5. There is considerable flexibility in formulation and implementation of various courses.  The College can introduce any course quickly, if it finds the demand for it or drop a course for which the demand is stagnant or sagging. 
  6. The courses are taught by both professional teachers and experienced professionals in different areas.  Teachers and Resource Persons are recruited on need-basis from time to time.
  7. Subject to eligibility criteria, a student who is currently pursuing a course in PUCC or  elsewhere can also enroll himself/ herself in PG Diploma/ Diploma / Certificate Programme in the Community College provided the timing of the course suits his/her convenience.
  8. The PUCC has been able to establish a rapport and collaboration with various institutions in and around Puducherry and Tamil Nadu.
  9. The PUCC provides counselling and guidance services to the students both at the time of admission, during the course of study and at the time of employment. 
  10. Spoken English training programme is conducted every year for the UG students.
  11. Student Exchange Programme with United States Community Colleges was initiated during the academic year 2011-2012.  This exchange programme provides a unique opportunity to the students to tap the resources and expertise available in the USA and as a result the students have higher chances of good employment.
  12. Courses are conducted on self-financing basis with affordable fee structure except three UGC aided courses.
  13. There are courses to suit the timings of the employed people and the unemployed.
  14. Each programme / course has an Advisory Committee with a Coordinator.
  15. The PUCC works on all the 7 days in a week in order to suit the convenience of the students.

To ensure “Capacity building” in the youth with special reference to the underprivileged sections of the community including women through a holistic educational model which fosters intellectual enlightenment, vocational and life skill development, social commitment, emotional balance and moral uprightness. Thus ensuring better quality of life through social transformation is our overall mission.
To reach out the unreached youth population and empower them with need oriented and value based education with a view to enable them to be partners in national development.

Admission for the Academic Year 2020-21 open shortly.