October 2019

Title News Type Post date
Notification of Ph.D. Public Viva – Voce Examination of Ms.Namitha C.V on 9th November 2019 Circular 30-10-2019
Centenary Celebrations of International Relations Studies Events 30-10-2019
Corrigendum – Recruitment of Faculty Positions - Online Application Last date for Submission extended upto 20.11.2019 Careers 29-10-2019
Notification of Ph.D. Public Viva-Voce Examination of Mr. M S Ravisankar on 09th November 2019 Circular 29-10-2019
Students Achievement - Congratulations Message Circular 29-10-2019
UGC – MRP Final Report of Executive Summary and its Evaluation Reports of Dr. S. Ravi, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science Circular 29-10-2019
Revised - Public Viva-Voce Examination Notification of Miss. Nibedita Banerjee on 31st October 2019 Circular 29-10-2019
Revised – Inter-Collegiate Tournament cum Selection Trials (Men & Women) for the Year 2019-20 Circular 29-10-2019
Play Performance Patent Medicine Circular 29-10-2019
Special Lecture on Contours of Humanitarianism, Security & Cooperation in South Asia: Case of Sri Lankan Refugees Circular 29-10-2019
National Seminar on High Dimensional Data Analysis-Stochastic and Optimization Methods Events 29-10-2019
Advertisement for Research Associate & Junior Research Fellow – Dept. of Physics Careers 29-10-2019
Two-Day Workshop on DATA ANALYSIS IN R USING STATCRAFT Circular 28-10-2019
Ph.D. Public Viva- Voce Examination of Mr. Ratan Sarkar on 08th November 2019 Circular 28-10-2019
Diwali wishes - Vice-Chancellor Circular 26-10-2019
Recruitment of Post Doctoral Research Associate - Dept.of Physics Careers 25-10-2019
Notification for Ph.D. Public Viva – Voce Examination of Shri.Jayapradaban. P on 8th November 2019 Circular 25-10-2019
Notification for Ph.D. Public Viva – Voce Examination of Mr.C.Jeeva on 5th November 2019 Circular 25-10-2019
Observance of Vigilance Awareness Week, 2019 – Postponed Circular 25-10-2019
Providing Nilavembu Kashayam to all the Inmates - Hostels Office Circular 25-10-2019
Ph.D. Public Viva - Voce Examination Notification of Priyanka Kumari on 11th November 2019 Circular 25-10-2019
Organization of Essay Competition during Vigilance Awareness Week 2019 Circular 25-10-2019
Ph.D. Synopsis Presentation Notification of Mr.Avinandan Choudhury on 5th November 2019 Circular 25-10-2019
One Day Special Workshop on Financial Modelling using Spreadsheets Events 25-10-2019
Ph.D. Public Viva – Voce Notification of Mr.P.Arunkumar on 13th November 2019 Circular 25-10-2019