August 2018

Title News Type Post date
Pre-Ph.D. Synopsis Presentation of Mr. Victor Mukherjee on 10th September 2018 Circular 29-08-2018
Notification for Ph.D. Public Viva - Voce Examination of Mr.G.Sambasivam on 10th September 2018 Circular 29-08-2018
10 Days Research Methodology Workshop for M.Phil/Ph.D./PDF Scholars in Social Sciences in School of Education Events 29-08-2018
Inauguration of community services - PUCC Circular 28-08-2018
Symposium on Archaeological Anthropology Events 28-08-2018
Guest Lecture on Robotic Technologies Events 28-08-2018
Meeting of the Deans of All Schools / Heads of Departments & Centres, Statutory Officers and Officers Upto Deputy Registrar Level on 29.08.2018 at 3.00 P.M Circular 28-08-2018
Ph.D. Pre-submission Seminar Notification of Mr.M.Parthiban on 4th September 2018 Circular 28-08-2018
Ph.D. Public Viva- Voce Examination Notification of Mr.G.V. Sampath on 14th September 2018 Circular 28-08-2018
Last Chance to Pay Odd Semester Fee for the Academic Year 2018-19 Circular 28-08-2018
Painting Competition Circular 27-08-2018
Ph.D. Synopsis Presentation Notification of Faizal Khan. A 3rd September 2018 Circular 27-08-2018
Re - Tender for Purchase of “Grindometers/Cross Hatch Cutter/Salt Spray Chamber” Tenders 27-08-2018
Recruitment of One Project Fellow - Department of Physics Careers 27-08-2018
“Recombinant DNA Safety Guidelines” Circular 27-08-2018
National Workshop on Research Methodology Events 27-08-2018
Ph.D. Viva – Voce Examination of Mr.Priyobroto Shoo on 7th September 2018 Circular 27-08-2018
Announcement of Public Viva Voce of Ms. Ankita J. Lakade on 5th September 2018 Circular 25-08-2018
Ph.D. Synopsis Presentation of Mr. Prasath,D. on 31st August 2018 Circular 25-08-2018
Threes Day National Seminar on “Indian Spiritual Heritage through Sanskrit Devotional Literature of South India” Events 24-08-2018
Rescheduled - Ph.D. Public Viva – Voce Examination Notification of Ms.Soumya Rajan on 5th September 2018 Circular 24-08-2018
UNESCO Awards/Prizes/Fellowships – Call for Nominations Circular 24-08-2018
Call for Nominations – 2018 UNESCO-King Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa Prize for the Use of Information & Communication Technologies in Education Circular 24-08-2018
Pre- Ph.D. Synopsis Presentation of Vandana on 6th September 2018 Circular 24-08-2018
Ph.D. Synopsis Presentation of Mr.T.Mohanadoss on 29th August 2018 Circular 24-08-2018