August 2014

Title News Type Post date
Ph.D. Synopsis Presentation of Mr.D.Chandramohan on 28.08.2014 - Dept. of Computer Science Circular 21-08-2014
Ph.D. Public Viva-Voce Examination of Mr.Jayadev Sahoo on 28.08.2014 - Dept. of Philosophy Circular 21-08-2014
Pre-Ph.D. Synopsis Presentation of Mr.R.Saranathan on 04.09.2014 - Dept. of Biotechnology Circular 21-08-2014
Admission of RJNF/MANF/INSPIRE fellowship candidates to Ph.D. Programme Circular 21-08-2014
Recruitment for Research Fellow - Dept. of Physics Careers 21-08-2014
Intel Engineering Internship - Details Circular 21-08-2014
Recruitment for Guest Faculty - Dept. of Mathematics Careers 20-08-2014
Invited Lecture on 22.08.2014 - Dept. of Physics Events 20-08-2014
Issue of RFID ID Cards to the Newly Admitted Students and Research Scholars Circular 20-08-2014
Guest Lecture cum Demonstration on 25th to 29th Aug. 2014 - School & Dept. of Performing Arts Events 20-08-2014
Revised - Tender for Supply of Sterile encapsulator/Prilling Bio-encapsulation system - Dept. of Food Science & Technology Tenders 20-08-2014
Ph.D. Public Viva-Voce Examination of Mr.D.John Benedict on 11.09.2014 - Dept. of Commerce Circular 20-08-2014
Personal details of Non-Teaching employees called for Creation of Electronic database Circular 20-08-2014
Special Lectures on 22.08.2014 - Dept. of History Events 20-08-2014
Pre-Ph.D. Synopsis Public Presentation of Ms.Sangeetha C.P. on 03.09.2014 - Dept. of Tourism Studies Circular 20-08-2014
Ph.D. Public Viva-Voce Examination of Mr.B.Sundarakrishnan on 05.09.2014 - Dept. of Biotechnology Circular 20-08-2014
Tenders invited for Purchase of Water Purification System - Dept. of Biotechnology Tenders 20-08-2014
Special Lecture on 20.08.2014 - Centre for European Studies & Dept. of Politics & Int. Studies Events 20-08-2014
Invitation - National Level Workshop on 21st & 22nd Aug. 2014 - Dept. of Electronics Engineering Events 20-08-2014
Provisional Admission to Ph.D. - Centre for Bioinformatics Admission 20-08-2014
Provisional Admission to Ph.D. - Dept. of History Admission 20-08-2014
Tenders invited for Direct Drive Rotary Vacum Pump - Centre for Green Energy Technology Tenders 19-08-2014
Extension of due date - Tenders invited for Purchase of Fume Hoods (10 Nos.) – Dept. of Chemistry Tenders 19-08-2014
Recruitment of Coordinator cum Teaching Faculty for the School of Law Careers 19-08-2014
Ph.D. Synopsis Public Presentation of Mr.S.Venkata Krishnan on 28.08.2014 - Dept. of Politics & Int. Studies Circular 19-08-2014