December 2013

Title News Type Post date
Tenders invited for Construction of concrete pedestal for erection of HR-Tem instrument @ Science Block-II - Engineering Wing Tenders 19-12-2013
Filing of Income Tax calculation statement for the year 2013-14 by the Faculty Members, Officer's & Staff of this University Circular 19-12-2013
Tenders invited for Supply of Split type air conditioner - Electrical Wing Tenders 19-12-2013
Revised - National Seminar on Quality Assessment & Accreditation of Higher Education Institutions-Criteria, Techniques & Issues on 27th & 28th Feb 2014 - School of Education Events 19-12-2013
Ph.D. Synopsis Presentation of Mr. Niranjan Sabar on 23.12.2013 - Dept. of Sanskrit Circular 19-12-2013
Revised - Ph.D. Synopsis Presentation of Mr.S.Jeeva on 27.12.2013 - Dept. of Politics & Int. Studies Circular 18-12-2013
Tenders invited for Major Laboratory Equipments - Centre for Nanoscience & Technology Tenders 18-12-2013
Recruitment of one Junior Research Fellow / Project Fellow - Centre for Nanoscience & Technology Careers 18-12-2013
Recruitment for Three Guest Faculty Positions - Dept. of Social Work Careers 18-12-2013
Fixture - South Zone Inter University Cricket (Men) Tournament 2013-14 - Directorate of Physical Edn. & Sports Events 18-12-2013
Valedictory function of South Zone Inter University Cricket Men Tournament on 22.12.2013 - Directorate of Physical Edn. & Sports Events 18-12-2013
Winter Vacation - Mess Closed (Mother Teresa Mess & Amudham Mess) Circular 18-12-2013
Ph.D. Synopsis Presentation of Mr.J.Amudhavel on 24.12.2013 - Dept. of Computer Science Circular 17-12-2013
Call for Papers - Society for South Asian Studies Circular 17-12-2013
One Day Workshop on Promoting Communal Harmony & Peace by Educating the Importance of Pluralism on 19.12.2013 - Dept. of Politics & Int. Studies Events 16-12-2013
Meeting of Shri. T.D. Dhariyal, Dy. Chief Commissioner, New Delhi for Persons with Disabilities Circular 16-12-2013
International Disability Day on 17.12.2013 - HEPSN Enabling Unit Events 16-12-2013
Valedictory function of Awareness campaign to Eliminate Violence against Women on 16.12.2013 - Centre for Women's Studies Events 16-12-2013
Tenders invited for Supply of Rock cutting, Grinding & Polishing machines - Dept. of Earth Sciences Tenders 13-12-2013
Invitation - Join the Conversation - National Innovation Council on 15.12.2013 Circular 13-12-2013
Notice to all Deans Circular 13-12-2013
Ph.D. Synopsis Presentation of Mr.C.Anebarassou .C on 23.12.2013 - Dept. of French Circular 13-12-2013
Meeting of all Directors/Deans/HODs/Centre Heads on 16.12.2013 Circular 13-12-2013
Invited Lecture on Why Statistics in Bioinformatics on 17.12.2013 - Centre for Bioinformatics Events 13-12-2013
Visiting Hours of Vice-Chancellor's Secretariat Circular 13-12-2013