Sealed Quotations for Scientific Equipments - Dept.of Physics

Sealed quotations are invited for purchase of the following items. The quotations duly signed and sealed should be submitted to the address below. The quotation should be sent by Post (Normal / Speed / Registered / Courier) only. The price quoted should include all the costs such as delivery, installation, testing etc., and also inclusive of all taxes. Warranty terms should be explicitly specified in your quotation. The technical specifications are given below. Last date for receiving quotations is May 30, 2011.
  1. High temperature Silicon Carbide furnace (1500 °C) with PID controller.
Hot zone size                          : 13cm x 13cm x 26 cm
Temperature controller            : ¼ DIN size PID Eurotherm or equivalent controller with suitable
 Solid state relay or thyristor
Input                                       : Thermocouple types J, K, L, N, R, S, B, C with cold junction
Accuracy                                 : ± 1 °C or better
Analog Output                        : One analog output 0 – 20 mA DC
 One analog output 0 – 10 V DC
Display                                    : Two line 4 or 5 digits display
Set Point programmer             : 20 programs with 16 segments or higher
Power requirements                : Single phase 230V AC, 50 Hz
Warranty                                 : Comprehensive 3-year on-site replacement warranty
Heating elements                    : Silicon carbide rods (One spare set should be provided for future   Replacement)
  1. Eurotherm Temperature Controller
Panel Sizes                                          : 1/4 (96mm x 96mm)
IP Rating                                             : IP65, NEMA 4X
Display Type                                       : large 5 digits LCD with 4 x 20 character text
Supply Voltage                                   : 100 - 264Vac, 24Vac/dc
Control Loops                                     : 2
Input Types                                         : TC, RTD, mV, mA, Volts, O2
PV Accuracy                                       : Better than 0.1% of reading
Control Types                                     : On/Off, PID, VP, Dual VP
Output Types                                      : Logic, relay, triac, analogue
Alarm Types                                        : Hi, Lo, Dev, Event, SBR
Set-point Programmer                         : 50 Programs, 500 segments, 8 events
Programming method                         : Through PC or through front keys
Dr. V.V. Ravi Kanth Kumar
Associate Professor
Department of Physics
Pondicherry University
Puducherry – 605 014
I. General Information:
a) Last date and time of receipt of the Quotations: May 30, 2011, 5.30 PM
b) Quotation / Tender Document fee Rs. 100/-
c) EMD rates: 2.5% of the quoted price.
d) Quoting merely the lowest price does not confer any right to any bidder for award of supply order. The University’s Purchase Committee, reserves the right to select the equipment any bid under the grounds of specification compliance, technologically advanced quality, proven performance track record, brand reputation, service backup support & training, offer of additional / special features, Compatibility with the existing System, etc.
e) The Quotation / Tender Document Fee and EMD should be submitted along with your quotations.
f) The quotation must be submitted along with the stipulated quotation document fee and EMD in the sealed cover, super-scribing “Quotation for Furnace and/or Temperature Controller Department of Physics”. The name and address of the bidder should also be mentioned at the “From address” space.
g) The quotations should be addressed and posted to the following address by speed, registered post or by courier.
Dr. V.V. RAVI KANTH KUMAR, Associate Professor Department of Physics Pondicherry University PUDUCHERRY – 605 014
h) Quotations will not be accepted through fax / e-mail.
II. Common Conditions (Import or Indigenous)
1. Purchase of Quotation Document:
The Quotation / Tender document can be downloaded from the University website  or procured from the Pondicherry University on payment of fee as specified above, by means of a D.D, drawn in favor of the Finance Officer, Pondicherry University, payable at Puducherry. The downloaded application should be accompanied with the quotation document fee, in the form of a Demand Draft.
2. Price Schedule
The rates should be quoted for a single unit and also for the total quantity required by the University. The price should include the Delivery, installation, training charges, etc. at the respective Department, Pondicherry University. The prices quoted shall remain firm until the furnace is supplied to the respective Department, Pondicherry University.
3. Quoting the Core price & Tax, Duties, Discount etc.
The taxes / duties / discounts, if applicable, are to be explicitly and separately shown in the bid.
4. Eligibility:
The firm must have the requisite domain expertise with regard to supply, installation and post-sale service of the items they are quoting. The firm should have been in existence for at least six years as on the date of this quotation and must have executed at least three orders for this kind of hardware (furnace) during the last three years.
5. Duty Exemption
The University has been granted the benefit of exemption from the payment of the Central Excise Duty and Customs Duty by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), India, vide their Notification No.10/97 dt. 01-03-1997 and 51/96 dated 23.07.96 respectively, in respect of
a) Scientific and technical instruments, apparatus, equipment, Software including computers.
b) Accessories and spare parts of goods specified in (a) above and consumables.
c) Computer software, compact disks, CD ROM, Recording magnetic tapes, microfilms, microchips etc.
d) Prototypes.
Customs duties at Indian port, if any, will be to the account of the University.
6. Technical Specifications
i. WARRANTY: The Furnace covered under the purchase order, when installed, shall be warranted for the quality, workmanship, trouble free operation and performance for a period of at least 36 months (preferably 5 years) from the date of putting the system into operation at the Department of Physics, Pondicherry University, or at least 42 months from the date of receipt of the last lot of the consignment in India.
ii. If any item covered under warranty fails, the same shall be replaced free of cost including all the applicable charges including shipping cost both ways.
iii. Complete technical specifications of the furnace including the Operating system to be included in the Technical bid.
iv. The necessary service support should be provided by Bidder during the agreement period.
v. The training should be provided by the supplying companies for a minimum period of four days from the date of installation with an expert team. Alternate years training should be provided during the license period.
vi. Technical post sale support by email and telephone will be provided during the period.
vii. Operating Manual should be provided in English.
viii. A clear statement regarding availability of after-sales service and availability of spare-parts for next 3 to 6 years should be included.
ix. A recent customer list (within last five years) with contact details including email ad-dress is to be submitted with technical bids / bids as the case may be.
x. If the furnace is proprietary a product, a proprietary product certificate should be en-closed.
xi. The information pertaining to infrastructural, power and any other requirement for satisfactory installation and commissioning of the whole system must be provided by the bidder, at least 120 days in advance of the installation to be commenced if purchase order is issued.
xii. The furnace must operate at 230V / 50 Hz single phase and / or equivalent three phase electrical power.
xiii. If the bidder is an authorized representative in India, they are requested to inform their technical ability to take care of the problems in the system, if developed later within the warranty and outside the warranty period. The responsibility of the Indian agent must be clearly specified.
xiv. The bidder from abroad shall obtain, if required, export permission from the appropriate-ate authorities in his country or the country of origin for items to be shipped to India in case of items to be imported. The University shall provide necessary information if required for this purpose.
xv. The validity of the each quotation should be at least for THREE MONTHS from closing date.
xvi. The offers will not be considered if received after the bid closing date and time.
xvii. The offers received through telex / telefax / e-mail will not be accepted by the University under any circumstances.
xviii. The University shall not be responsible for any delay / loss or non-receipt of quotations by post / courier service.
xix. No unsolicited correspondence shall be entertained after the submission of the offer.
xx. If an order is placed with the firm, the purchase shall be governed by an agreement as per the University rules in force at the time.
xxi. Additional terms and conditions will be incorporated in the purchase order, if needed, to safe guard the interests of the University.
xxii. Quotation is not transferable.
xxiii. In case of any dispute in respect of the quotation, all legal matters shall be instituted within the jurisdiction of the place where the purchaser ordinarily resides.
7. Power to reject the offer:
i. Pondicherry University reserves the right to accept / reject any offer in full or in part or accept any offer other than the lowest offer without assigning any reason thereof. Any offer containing incorrect and incomplete information shall be liable for rejection.
ii. No Agency commission will be paid to any authorized agent in India.
iii. Liquidated damages: Timely supply of the ordered items, installation, commissioning (wherever is applicable) and training etc. is the essence of the contract. In case of failure to supply within the time specified in the Purchase order, a penalty / LD of 0.5% of the total value per week or a part thereof shall be levied subject to a maximum of 7.5% in respect of items which are not supplied. The decision of Pondicherry University shall be final in this regard.
iv. Bidder(s) must be authorized business partners of Global / National service providers of the respective furnace.
v. The Bidders must enclose authorization letter from the respective global / national ser-vice providers of the above said furnace particularly mentioning an undertaking that in case of default by the Bidder, they (Global Service Provider) shall take over all the responsibilities of the Bidder.
vi. The Bidder should not be involved in any Bankruptcy filing for protection from it.
III. Specific Conditions for Imported Equipments
1. Payment of EMD:
The Quotation must be accompanied by EMD as stated above, by means of a Demand Draft, drawn in favor of The Finance Officer, Pondicherry University, payable at Puducherry. The Small Scale units are exempted from payment of EMD provided they enclose the proof of their exemption Certificate issued by the competent authority.
2. Payments terms:
Normally a payment 90% will be released after the installation & training. However, 100% payment will be released if the supplier provides Bank Guarantee towards performance Security for the 10 % of the total cost of the furnace to cover the warranty period. Bank charges in India shall be borne by the purchaser and outside India shall be borne by the contractor / supplier. The offer must be in English. The rates should be indicated both in figures and words against item specified in the given table. It is preferable that the price be quoted in US Dollars or in major foreign currencies.


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