Purchase of sports materials


Sub: Pondicherry University – Purchase of Sports materials for the use of
University Hostels (Both Boys & Girls) – Sealed Quotations called for – Reg.

Sealed Quotations are invited for the supply of Sports materials, as per the Specifications given below with the following terms and conditions. As this sports material are required, those who are capable to supply them within a 30 days time on receipt of supply order alone are requested to respond to this tender.

SL.No Particulars Qty Rate Amount


Volleyball Nets (Nivia Nylon)

5 Nos.




Volleyball - Cosco Super Volley

10 Nos.










Badminton Rackets - Silver Suzuki

10 Nos.




Shuttle - Skylon Practice

10 Nos.




Badminton Net - Kay Kay Nylon

5 Nos.










Ball Badminton Rackets - Narayana

10 Nos.




Ball Badminton Net - Nylon Kay Kay

10 Nos.




Ball Badminton balls - Special Tournament quality

8 Nos.








4 Cricket (M)      


Cricket bats - BDM Sting/MRF Cameo - English willow

10 Nos.




Cricket balls - BDM Bullet

2 box




Cricket batting gloves - BDM Club Master

4 Nos.




Cricket batting leg guards SS Star Next

4 set




Cricket Elbow guard - BDM Commander

4 set




Cricket thigh pads - SS Academy

6 Nos.




Abdominal guard with elastic strape

8 Nos.




Chest guard - BDM Commander

4 Nos.




Wicket keeper gloves - SS College

3 Nos.




Wicker keeper leg guards - SS club

3 Nos. set




Wicket keeper Inner gloves

3 Nos. set




Cricket Helmet (Bat's man & Wicket Keeper)

8 Nos.




Stumps - MCC Full size

18 Nos.










Badminton rackets  - Siver Suzuki

10 Nos.




Shuttle cocks - Skylon Practice

5 box




Badminton net nylon - Kay Kay

2 Nos.








6 THROW BALL (W)      


Throw ball net posts

2 Nos.




Throw ball - Cosco

5 Nos.




Throw ball net - Kay Kay Nylon

3 Nos.








7 TABLE TENNIS (M & W)      


Table Tennis board - Stag Club Model

5 Nos.




Table Tennis Net with net stand (Stag)

5 Nos.




Table Tennis ball - Stag Practice quality

20 Nos.




Table Tennis bat - Stag Club

20 Nos.








8 CARROM (M & W)      


Carrom Board Tournament quality

5 Nos




Carrom Board coins

5 sets.




Carrom Board Stricker - Imitation Ivory

5 sets.




Wooden stools / Carrom board stand

5 Nos.








9 CHESS (M & W)      


Rexin Board with wooden coins

5 Nos.




wooden board folding with wooden coins





Chess board wooden stool









10 Basketball      



5 Nos.








Terms & Conditions

  1. The quotations should be sealed and superscribed as “Quotation invited for supply of “Sports Materials” by soft copy as well as hardcopy in the same order.

  2. Quotation must be valid for one year

  3. The rates should be inclusive of all taxes, octroi, Insurance, Packing, forwarding, transit etc,

  4. The quality indicated may vary depending on the requirements.

  5. The Pondicherry University reserves right to select the Sports Materials on the basis of the quality and specification and the lowest price alone could not be a criteria for selection of supplier.

  6. The University has the right to select or reject any quotation partly or fully without assigning any reason thereof.

  7. The rate quoted shall be on FOR destination basis at our premises.

  8. Delivery is to made within 15 days from the date of receipt of supply order.

  9. Payment will be made after the successful supply and after getting a Certification of Quality of the entire consignment by the Quality Inspection Committee.

  10. The quotations should reach the Assistant Registrar (P&S) on or before 3.00 p.m. on 10.10.2011. These will be opened at 3.30 P.M in the same day, in presence of the Tenderers, if an available.   

  11. The proof of following documents should be enclosed.
    a.       Copy of Registration Certificate
    b.       Copy of PGST/CST registration
    c.       PAN allotted by Income Tax Department

  12. Only manufacturers or exclusive authorized dealers/resellers of such products are permitted to quote against the requirements.

  13. If an order is placed with the firm, the purchase shall be governed by an agreement as per the University rules in force at this time.

  14. No unsolicited correspondence shall be entertained after the submission of the offer.

  15. Warranty details should be clearly specified. The materials covered under the purchase order, when installed, shall be warranted for the quality, workmanship, trouble free operation and performance for a period of at least 24 months from the date of delivery or 30 months from the date of receipt of the last material of the consignment.

  16. The original manufacturer of the Sports Materials who had already supplied similar kinds of materials for the Institutes of Higher Education may also have freedom to quote with any other model of their own product with similar specification or consider to be parallel or better models and products of the notified items under this tender.

Last Date: 
Issuing Date: 
Issuing Authority: 
Dr.P.A.Sampath Kumar, Chief Warden