Call for quotations for laboratory equipments

Sealed quotations are invited for the following equipments with the given specifications:

1. Mini-vertical electrophoresis system (imported) with a power supply unit:
            Mini vertical unit for 2 slabs consists of
  •  Basic unit
  •  10 glass plates
  •  2 alumina notched plates
  •  Spacer- Mate assembly template
  •  Dual gel caster
  •  0.75 mm thick 10 well combs(2)
  •  0.75 mm thick spacer set(2)
  •  Power supply unit(300v, 400 mA, 80 W maximum)
  •  Alumina notched plates(2)
  •  Glass plates(10)
  •  1 mm thick 10 well combs(2)
  •  1 mm thick spacer set(2)
Warranty: Minimum 3 years
The last date for the submission of sealed quotations in the office of Dr.M.Suresh Kumar, Principle Investigator, UGC Major Project, Centre for Bioinformatics, Pondicherry University, Puducherry is 29.06.2010.
Last Date: 
Issuing Date: 
Issuing Authority: 
Dr.M.Suresh Kumar, Centre for Bioinformatics