Title Posted Date
Vacancy Position – Dept. of Food Science & Technology 02-07-2015
Vacancy Position – M.Sc. (Chemical Sciences) 02-07-2015
Vacancy Position – M.A. (South Asian Studies) 02-07-2015
Vacancy Position – M.A. (Applied Economics) 02-07-2015
Vacancy Position – M.A.(Sanskrit) 02-07-2015
Vacancy Position – Master of Social Work 02-07-2015
Vacancy Position – M.A. (English) 02-07-2015
Vacancy position - M.A. (Anthropology) 01-07-2015
Vacancy Position - M.A. (Politics & International Studies) 01-07-2015
Vacancy Position - Integrated M.Sc – Ph.D Biotechnology 01-07-2015
Vacancy Position – M.A. (Sociology) 01-07-2015
Vacancy Position - M.Sc Applied Geology & M.Tech. Exploration Geoscience 01-07-2015
Vacancy position - M.Sc (Microbiology) 01-07-2015
Vacancy Position - M.Sc (Marine Biology) & M.Sc. (Disaster Management) 01-07-2015
Vacancy position - M.Sc. (Mathematics) 01-07-2015
Vacancy Position - M.B.A 01-07-2015
Vacancy Position - M.Tech. (Electronics & Communication Engineering) 01-07-2015
Vacancy Position – M.Sc. Physics 01-07-2015
Vacancy Position – M.Sc. (Statistics) 01-07-2015
Vacancy Position – M.Sc. (Quantative Finance) 01-07-2015
Vacancy Position – MLIS 01-07-2015
Vacancy Position - M.A. (Mass Communication) & M.Sc. (Electronic Media) 30-06-2015
Vacancy Position - M.Com (Business Finance) 29-06-2015
Admissions 2015-16 - MBA Counselling Schedule - School of Management 25-06-2015
Admissions 2015-16 - Provisional Select & Wait List 14-06-2015
Title Issuing Authority Issuing Date
Admission Notification Tata Power skill Development Institute Dean, Students Welfare 17-07-2020
IBBI Online Quiz Dean, Students Welfare 17-07-2020
Ministry of Mines invites Science and Technology Projects Dean (Research), Pondicherry University 17-07-2020
International Webinar on COVID 19 - COVINAR Dr. R. Rukkumani, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology 17-07-2020
Ph.D. Public Viva-Voce Presentation of Mohd. Babu Khan on 23rd July 2020 Dr. A. Dinakara Rao, Professor & Head, Centre for Bioinformatics 16-07-2020
Proposed Schedule of online courses for the year 2020-21 Prof.Venkata Raghotham, Officer on Special Duty, UGC-HRDC 16-07-2020
Webinar on Graph Theory and its Applications Dr. Rajeswari Seshadri, Professor & Head, Dept. of Mathematics 16-07-2020
Issue of TDS (TRACES) through online mode – Intimation Deputy Registrar (F&A) 16-07-2020
Call for Proposals for Exploration/Excavation Programme for the Season 2020-21 by Archaeological Survey of India Dean (Research), Pondicherry University 16-07-2020
National Human Rights Commission – Invitation for Expression of Interest for Research Project Dean (Research), Pondicherry University 15-07-2020
Information to the Hostel Inmates Dr. S. Sudalai Muthu, Chief Warden (Boys hostels) 15-07-2020
Webinar on Tips for Effective Learning Post COVID 19 - PUCC Dr. A. Bharathy, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Management, Community College, Lawspet 15-07-2020
Pre-Ph.D. Synopsis Presentation of Ms. J Indumathy on 24th July 2020 Dr. D. Barani Kanth, Associate Professor, Dept. of Applied Psychology 15-07-2020
Admission Notification M.A Business Economics - Christ University Dean, Students Welfare 14-07-2020
IndiaGlocal – Young Leaders Programme Dean, Students Welfare 14-07-2020
National Level Competitions – Information/Cyber Safety and Security Awareness Dean, Students Welfare 14-07-2020
National Online QUiZ on insolvency and Bankruptcy code, 2016 (IBC) Dean, Students Welfare 14-07-2020
ASCIPGDM Summer School - 2020 Dean, Students Welfare 14-07-2020
Admission 2020 – Rajiv Gandhi National Aviation University Dean, Students Welfare 14-07-2020
Revised - Webinar on "Platformisation, Formalisation of the Informal Economy & Commodification of Social Reproduction" - Dept. of Electronic Media & Mass Communication Dr. M. Shuaib Mohamed Haneef, Assistant Professor & Head (i/c), Dept. of Electronic Media & Mass Communication 14-07-2020
Ph.D. Viva-Voce Public Presentation Notification of Ms. P.T. Vidhya on 22nd July 2020 Dr. I.P. Sunish, Scientist E & Co-ordinator, ICMR – Regional Medical Research Centre, Andaman & Nicobar islands 13-07-2020
Ph.D. Public Viva-Voce Examination Notification of Mr. Rishi Iniyan P on 24th July 2020 Dr. S. Visaka Devi, Assistant Professor, Dept. of English 13-07-2020
Revised - Notification of Ph.D. Viva-Voce Examination of Mr. Babu .G on 17th July 2020 Dr. Mohanan Bhaskaran Pillai, Professor & Head, Dept. of Politics & International Studies 13-07-2020
CONDOLENCE MESSAGE - Shri S. Ravi, Senior Assistant, Public Relations Wing Vice-Chancellor, Pondicherry University 10-07-2020
Revised - Ph.D. Public Viva-Voce Examination Notification of Mr. P.Devapattabiraman on 15th July 2020 Dr. Saravanan Velu, Assistant Professor, Department of Performing Arts, Pondicherry University 10-07-2020
Title Posted Date
Climate Change Driven Challenges on Indian Biodiversity: Innovative Solutions For Sustainable Development 12-07-2019
Skill Lab on Gender-Sensitive Social Work Practice 12-07-2019
National workshop on Reliability Theory & Survival Analysis 12-07-2019
Special lecture on Motivational Interview for Environmental Sustainability: Experiences from the Field 11-07-2019
Ten Day Capacity Building Workshop on Research Skills and Methodology for M.Phil /Ph.D/PDF Scholars under PMMMNMTT Scheme/MHRD 11-07-2019
Three Day National Seminar on 'Chayavad : Shatabdi Ke Baad' 09-07-2019
Indo-Mexican Conference on Developments in Aquaculture Nutrition & Disease Management 05-07-2019
2nd Call for papers - International Seminar on ‘Shrii Shrii Anandamurtijii’s Contributions to Philosophy, Language, Literature, Music, Science, Economics 05-07-2019
Workshop on Counselling Skills for Social Work Practice 03-07-2019
Symposium on Diaries: Sources for Historiography & Cultural Anthropology 02-07-2019
Two Day International Seminar on Shrii Shrii Anandamurtijii’s Contributions to Philosophy, Language, Literature, Music, Science, Economics 27-06-2019
Invited Talk on Adipogenesis in Health & Disease & Treatments 27-06-2019
Two- Day National Seminar 21st Century's Writing Trends in Sanskrit Literature-A Critical Assessment 26-06-2019
National Workshop On Bioelectrochemical Technologies for Waste to Energy Conversion and Resource Recovery 26-06-2019
Special Lecture on Mixed Methodology in Social Work Research 26-06-2019
Skill Lab on Career Preparedness for Social Workers 26-06-2019
Special Lecture on Soft Skills Through Anthropology 24-06-2019
Special Lecture on In-Situ Ftir Spectro Electrochemistry 20-06-2019
Refresher Course in Chemical, Physical & Material Sciences – Inaugural Programme 12-06-2019
Two Days National Seminar on Tribal Cultures in Transition: Issues of Identity, Sustainability & Development 12-06-2019
A Seven-Day National Level Workshop on Econometric Tools for Business Research 31-05-2019
A Five-Day National Level Workshop on Data Analysis for Business Research 31-05-2019
A Four-Day National Level Workshop on Model Building - (Revised Brochure) 23-05-2019
Refresher Course on Moocs & E-Content Development 16-05-2019
National Seminar on Sanskrit Aesthetics: the Search for Soul of Poetry 03-05-2019
Title Posted Date
Students Election 2012 - Further Clarifications 07-08-2012
School of Management - Final List of Contestants for Scholars Forum Election - 2012 07-08-2012
School of Management - Final List of Contestants for Students Council Election - 2012 07-08-2012
Issue of RFID ID Cards to First Year Students 06-08-2012
Open Competition - Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan 03-08-2012
Special Entry into Meteorology Branch by the Indian Air Force During Jul 2013 03-08-2012
Motivational Lecture by Flight Lieutenant Sreerekha on 9th August 2012 03-08-2012
Nomination Form for Students Council/Scholars Forum 02-08-2012
Schemes of new Scholarships for the persons with disabilities 01-08-2012
Election Notification 2012 31-07-2012
Soft Courses during odd semester (2012-13) - Dept. of Anthropology 25-07-2012
Soft Courses during odd semester (2012-13) - Centre for Women's Studies 25-07-2012
BANCQUEST 2012 06-03-2012
Zenith 2012- Pre-Placement Training Sessions for M.C.A.(2011-13) batch of students - Karaikal Campus 29-02-2012
Classes for UPSC/CSIR/NET Exams on 18th Feb 2012 - Dept. of Politics & Int. Studies 15-02-2012
IEEE Magnetics Summer School - Call for Abstracts 10-02-2012
End-Semester Examination Time table for the odd semester June10—Nov10 - Dept. of English 02-11-2011
Action Learning Experience for Commerce Students Invitation on April 26 to May 17, 2012 21-10-2011
Shiksha Mandal's 38th Kamalnayan Bajaj Memorial National Inter-University Competition 2011 21-10-2011
Glory Fest-2012 (National Level Inter University / College Cultural Festival) 21-10-2011
Department of Economics University Main Examination Time Table – November 2011 (Regular) 18-10-2011
Results of 7th Inter-college Debate Competition, Student Welfare Wing 22-09-2011
6th Inter-College Debate Competition on Population & Environment sponsored by Indian Association of Parliamentarians 18-08-2011
Ph.D. Viva-voce Exam of Mr.B.Kalithasan on 8th April 2011 11-04-2011