Quotation for Scientific Equipments - Dept. of Physics

Sealed quotations are invited so as to reach Prof.G.Govindaraj, HOD, Physics on or before 21.01.2011 for the following/ as per the list enclosed/ below mentioned subject to the following terms and conditions.

1) The quotations should be valid for three months.
2) No advance freight Insurance coverage will be done.
3) Prices should be inclusive of all charges towards packing, freight, transits, excise duty, Insurance, Octori, but exclusive of Sales tax only and the supply should be made at our premises.
4) Payment will be made within 30 days of the receipt of the articles in good condition.
5) Demonstration should be done at our Laboratory.
6) The University has the right to accept the rates of anyone or all the articles required as may be considered necessary.


Sl.No. Name of experimental set-up SPECIFICATION
1 Newton’s Ring
Experiment Kit
  • Compact, Steady, Easy to Perform.
  • All components including Sodium Light, Microscope, Power Supply & Optics are housed in single piece compact body (Stand alone setup).
  • Very fine scale to measure the fringes
  • Smooth moving Collimating Facility.
  • Microscope and Reflecting units are provided with X-Y-Z direction motions within compact body.
2 Optics Experiment Kit Light Sources:
Low Pressure mercury Lamp: 20W with power supply – 1 No.
Bromine Tungsten Lamp: 6V/15W with power supply – 1 piece
Small Illuminating Lamp: 3V DC – 1 piece
Low Pressure Sodium Lamp 20W with power supply – 1 piece
He-Ne Laser: 1.5mW with power supply – 1 piece
Opto-Mechanic Parts
Two-Axis Stage: X translation stage (10mm travel and 0.01mm resolution); Z-adjustable (30mm) with a magnetic base – 1 piece.
Magnetic Base: with poster holder – 3  pieces
Two-Axis Tilt-able Holder: F40 mm for mounting optical components such as lenses, mirrors, gratings, reticle, etc. – 2 pieces
Adapter Piece: Using this piece, the two lenses can stand   closer – 1 piece
Prism Table: Two directions tilt-able – 1 piece.
White Screen: Uniform diffusing painting – 1 piece
Iris Diaphragm: 0-14mm adjustable – 1 piece
Plate Holder B: Two directions tilt-able – 1 piece
Z-Adjustable Post Holder: Travel 30mm with a magnetic base – 1 piece.
Aperture Adjustable Holder: Variable F10-50 mm two directions tilt-able – 1 piece.
Lens Holder: Optical diameter: F40mm – 2 pieces.
Grating/Prism Table: 30° Z-axis rotation, two directions tiltable – 1 piece.
Plate Holder: One direction tilt-able – 2 pieces.
Object Screen: Symmetrical triangle holes uniform diffusing painting – 1 piece.
3-D Adjustable Holder: One axis translation (10mm) and two-axis tilt-able – 1 piece.
Aperture Adjustable Bar Clamp: 30-50mm, with two tilt-able directions, for mounting tube-type components – 1 piece.
Loading Table – 1 piece.
Single-Side Adjustable Slit: Slit width 0-2mm, slit direction tiltable within 10° - 1 piece.
Erecting prism: Used for inverting image in two directions – 1 piece.
DMM Holder – 1 piece
Newton Ring Holder – 1 piece.
Spectral Filter: Used for Abbe’s image formation and experiment in space filtering – 1 piece.
Biprism Holder: It allows to attach a biprism or other optical component to it, and rotate within ±15°. – 1 piece.
Ground Glass Screen: Effective aperture of F117mm, used for Abbe’s theory of image formation and experiment of space filtering – 1 piece.
Multi-pin hole Disc Assembly: F0.10, 0.15, 0.20, 0.30, 0.50, 0.60, 1.00, 2.00 mm – 1 piece.
Lens Group Holder: Movable on rail for nodal measurement – 1 piece
Ruler: Used for experiment of measuring telescope’s magnification – 1 piece
Newton Ring Assembly: 1 piece
Spring Clip: Used for fastening small white screen and plane samples – 1 piece.
Single-sided Rotary slit: Variable form 0-5mm on one side and rotatable within ±5° - piece
Laser Holder: it allows to attach a He-Ne laser and other tubular part to it. – 1piece
45° Glass Holder: Used for microscope magnification experiment – 1piece
Optical Goniometer: Used for polarization caused by reflection and refraction, measuring Brewster angle at accuracy of 0.5° - 1 piece
Paper Clip: Used for Abbe’s theory of image formation and experiment of space filtering – 1 piece.
Iceland Crystal Rotary Holder: Used for crystal birefringence experiment – 1 piece
Polaroid Holder: Used for Polarized light experiment – 1 piece.
Optical Rail: Including: one dovetail carrier, three Z-adjustable holders, two X-translation holders, two 2-D adjustable holders – Total 8 pieces.
Optical Components:
Mounted Lenses: f = 4.5, 6.2, 15, 45, 50, 70, 150, 190, 225, 300, -100mm, - 1 piece each.
Mounted Cemented Lenses: f = 29, 105mm, - 1 piece each
Mounted Flat Mirrors: F 36mm, - 2 pieces
Mounted beam Splitter (F30mm) L 5:5 and 7:3, 1 piece each.
Mounted Flaring Grating (at 500nm): 12001/mm, 30 x 30mm, 1 piece
Mounted Transmission Grating: 20 1/mm, I piece.
Mounted Two Dimensional Grating, 20 1/mm, 1 piece.
Mounted Waveplates: ¼, ½ @632.8nm, F10mm, 1 piece each
Equiliateral Prism (60°), 1 piece
Mounted Reticles: 1/5, 1/10mm, 1 piece each
Mounted Millimeter Ruler: 30mm long, 1 piece
Mounted Double-Wedge Prism, 1 piece
Mounted Polarizer, F20mm, 2 pieces
Spherical mirror, f = 500mm, 1 piece
Multiple Slits Plate, groups in 2,3,4,5 slits, 1 piece
Transmission Characters with Grid, 1 piece
Zero order Filter, 1 piece
Fresnel Bimirror: 1 piece
Theta Modulation Plate, 1 piece
Small object for photographic – 1 piece
Lioyd Mirror, 1 piece
Double-slit, 1 piece
White screen: 70 x 50mm, 1 piece
Holography plate, 1 box
Projector Slide, 1 piece
3 Velocity of Light  (with out Oscilloscope)
  • Optical Bench – 1 No.
  • Optical Saddles – 2 Nos.
  • Velocity of light unit – 1 No.
  • Convex lens – 1No.
  • Cylindrical base – 1 No.
  • BNC cable – 3 Nos.
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