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  • Department of English
  • School of Humanities

Academic Activity

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Educational Qualification (UG,PG & Higher Order)

S.No Degree Subject/Title of thesis University/Board Year of Passing
1 Ph.D Arundhati Roy as a Writer Activist:A Study North Eastern Hill University,Shillong 2011
2 PGDTE English Language Teaching (ELT) CIEFL-Central Institute for English and Foreign La 2006
3 M.A English English (Major) Arunachal University/Rajiv Gandhi University 2001
4 B.A Engish English (Major) Gauhati University 1998

Area of Specializaion

Indian Writing in English & ELT, Other area of research,Literature from North East India in English,Eco-Literature, Cultural Studies. Endangered Languages and Culture and Poetry Writing.

Awards / Prizes Conferred

S.No Name / Title of the Award Type Name of the Agency conferred the Award Year of the Award Amount for Cash Award

Teaching Experience

S.No Designation Department/Centre Institution
1 Teacher English Don Bosco School Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh
2 Part Time Leturer English Arunachal University
3 Assistant Professor Engish Pondicherry University

Research Experience

S.No Designation Department/Centre Institution Area of Research

Industry Experience

S.No Designation Company/Corporate Nature of Work

Contribution towards Innovation

S.No Name of the Work/Contribution Specialization Remarks

Patent Details

S.No Title Status Patent Number Year of Award Type Commercialized Status

Papers Published in UGC Approved Journals

S.No Title Name of the Authors as per the order in Paper Journal Name Volume, Issue & Page Nos. Year Impact Factor
1 Locating Trauma in Saratchand Thiyam’s Sister and other poems Dr. Lakhimai Mili & Ms. Nirmala Devi Sambodhi-Peer Reviewed & Refereed Vol.44.No-1 January to March Issue.Pg-53-57 2021 5.80. UGC Care list.2249-6661
2 History & Memory:A Study of Select Dystopian Movies Dr. Lakhimai Mili & Rasik Usean Shodh Sarita. International Bilingual Peer Reviewed Refereed Journal Vol.7. Issue-28 pg10-15 2020 UGC Care List.2348-2397
3 Zoomorphism as the Cryptic Armour:A Postcolonial Readingof Indra Sinha's Animal's People Dr. Lakhimai Mili & Mettin Jacob NOTIONS-2395-7239 (e) Vol.IX.No-1 Pg No-1-10 2018 3.9. UGC list-42859
4 Navigation through Literature as Praxis:Exploits in Arundhati Roys The God of Small Things. Dr. Lakhimai Mili Literary Confluence:A Global Journal of English &Cultural Studies. Vol.1. Monsoon Issue. Pg No-80-91 2014 UGC List No-4483
5 Recurrence:Shellys use of Ouroborus with reference to Nietzche Dr. Lakhimai Mili & K. Subramanyam Literary Confluence:A Global Journal of English &Cultural Studies. Vol.1.Spring Issue. Pg No-96-103 2014 UGC List No-4483

Papers Published in Peer Reviewed Journals

S.No Title Name of the Authors as per the order in Paper Journal Name Volume, Issue & Page Nos. Year Impact Factor
1 Musings from Meghalaya:A Reading of Riquaoma Rq Laloos Select Poems Dr. Lakhimai Mili &Edaker Pyrbot Global English-Oriented Research Journal (GEORJ).International Quarterly Online Journal Vol.2. Issue 4 March. Pg No.7-21 2017 2.9
2 Waiting, Truth & The Weary Soul.( Poems).ems Dr. Lakhimai Mili Global English Research Journal.(GEORJ).International Quarterly Online Journal Vol.2.Issue-4. March Pg No-68-73 2017 2.9
3 Semiotic Analysis of Anti-Aging Product Advertisements Dr. Lakhimai Mili & Dr. Victor Anand Kumar NOTIONS-ISSN NO-0976-5247 Vol.7.June Issue. Pg No.15-38 2016 3.9
4 Forgotten and Abandoned:The Widows in Indira Goswamis The Blue Necked God & The Moth-Eaten Howdah of the Tusker. Dr. Lakhimai Mili Journal of Humanities & Social sciences, Khon Kaen University, Thailand. Vol.33. No.1. ISSN No-0125-5061.April Issue.Pg No.146-161 2016 NA
5 Modern Palestinian Literary Oeuvre:A Critical Appraisal Dr. Lakhimai Mili & Mansoor Cherruseri NOTIONS-ISSN NO-0976-5247 VOL.6. June Issue.Pg No.138-154 2015 3.9
6 World of Sensualism in Robin S Ngangoms The Desire of Roots Dr. Lakhimai Mili & Ms. Nirmala Devi NOTIONS-ISSN NO-0976-5247 Vol.5. March Issue.Pg-163-173 2014 3.9
7 A Concern of Culture, Traditions and Ecology in Kynpham Sing Nongkynrihs, The Yearning of Seeds. Dr. Lakhimai Mili & Ms. Nirmala Devi NOTIONS-ISSN NO-0976-5247 Vol.5. June Issue.Pg No.71-83 2014 3.9
8 Interventionist Voice in Literature:Arundhati Roys Concordance with the Aesthetics of Political Issues Dr. Lakhimai Mili NOTIONS-ISSN NO-0976-5247 Vol.3. January Issue Pg,62-70 2012 3.9
9 Imprints from North East:A brief Study of Mamang Dais River Poems Dr. Lakhimai Mili NOTIONS-ISSN NO-0976-5247 Vol.3.September Issue.Pg-163-177 2012 3.9

Papers Published in Conference Proceedings

S.No Title Name of the Authors as per the order in Paper Details of Conference Publication Page Nos. Year


S.No Title of the Book Name of the Authors as per the order in Book Publisher Year ISBN No.
1 Counter Discourse,Identity and Sumud in Mahmoud Darwishs Poetry Dr. Lakhimai Mili & Mansoor Cherrusseri Published by BUUKS,Chennai. India 2019 978-93-89604-19-1

Chapters in Books

S.No Title of the Chapters Name of the Authors Title of the Book Publisher Year ISBN No.
1 Cultural Memory & Memory Culture:Tracing the Development of Cultural Memory Studies Rasik Usean & Dr.Lakhimai Mili The Canopy Emerald Publishers 2021 9789390677832
2 A Take on What is at Stake:Nurturing the Environmental Concerns in Popular Cinema. Dr. Lakhimai Mili & Rasik Environment, Ecosystems & Sustainable Development:Interdisciplinary Perspectives Authors Press 2020 978-93-90155-31-6
3 Woman, Matriarch and Freedom:A Reading of Easterine Kires, A Terrible Matriarchy. Dr. Lakhimai Mili Writings from North East India in English: Recovering the Small Voices English AADI Publishers 2019 978-93-87799-14-1
4 From Reality to Virtuality Dr. Lakhimai Mili & Shania Habza English Literature in the Digital Era Bonfring International 2016 978-93-85477-79-9
5 Fan Fiction: A Boon or a Bane to Creative Writing? Dr. Lakhimai Mili & Ms. Koel Chanda English Literature in the Digital Era Bonfring International 2016 978-93-85477-79-9
6 Curriculum Re-engineering with a Focus on TESL Teaching Dr. H Kalpana & Dr. Lakhimai Mili Teacher Education:Practices MJP Publishers 2014 978-81-8094-242-6
7 Indigenous Languages Endangered by Invasion of English in North East India. Dr. Lakhimai Mili Global Dimensions of English PG & Research Department of English, Madras Christian College.Chennai. 2013 978-93-81280
8 Motivating through Authentic Materials:Ways to Speak and Write Better. Dr. Lakhimai Mili Teaching of English:Insights and Implications Puducherry Co-operative Book Society 2012 81-87299-70-3
9 Women & Nature Dr. Lakhimai Mili Under the Greenhood Tree Orient Blackswan 2012 ISBN No-978-81-250-44185
10 Lending one’s Ears to the Ground Dr. Lakhimai Mili Readings: Text, Context and Significance Department of English & Versa Books 2012 ISBN-81-87300-52-3

Edited Books

S.No Title of the Book Name of the Authors as per the order in Book Publisher Year ISBN No.
1 Environment, Ecosystems & Sustainable Development: Interdisciplinary Perspectives Dr. Aruna Josephine & Dr. Lakhimai Mili Authors Press 2020 ISBN-978-93-90155-31-6
2 Integrating Minds:An Anthology of Campus Poems Dr. Lakhimai Mili NOTIONpress-International 2020 ISBN-978-1-64951-870-5
3 Facets of the Millennial Reality: Critical Appraisal of the Writings of Rita Nath Keshari Dr. Lakhimai Mili BUUKS. 2019 ISBN -97-93-89604-42-9
4 English literature in the Digital Era Dr. Lakhimai Mili Bonfring International 2016 ISBN-978-93-85477-79-9

Ongoing Projects

S.No Title of the Project Sponsored By Period Sanctioned Amount(Rs. Lakh) Year
1 Developing Global Citizenship through the Teaching of Languages, Literatures, Cultures and Society SPARC-MHRD 2 Years (Co-PI) 90 lakhs 2019

Ongoing Consultancy Works

S.No Title of the Consultancy Work Sponsored By Period Sanctioned Amount(Rs. Lakh) Year

Completed Projects

S.No Title of the Project Sponsored By Period Sanctioned Amount(Rs. Lakh) Year

Completed Consultancy Works

S.No Title of the Consultancy Work Sponsored By Period Sanctioned Amount(Rs. Lakh) Year

Career Guidance Offered to students

S.No Name of the Scheme No. of Students Competitive Examinations/ Career Counseling No. of Students Passed No. of Students Placed

List of capability enhancement such as Soft skill development, Remedial coaching, Language lab,
Bridge courses, Yoga, Meditation, Personal Counselling and Mentoring etc.,

S.No Name of the Programme/Scheme Date of Implementation No. of Students Enrolled Agencies Involved

Research Guidance - PG

S.No Year Degree No. of Students Awarded Department/Centre
1 2019 M.A. 7 ENGLISH
2 2017 M.A. 4 ENGLISH
3 2016 M.A. 8+6=12 ENGLISH
4 2015 M.A. 8 ENGLISH
5 2014 M.A. 4+3=7 ENGLISH
7 2012 M.A. 5 ENGLISH

Research Guidance - Ph.D

S.No Student Name Registration Date Registration No. Thesis Title Thesis Submitted Status Thesis Submitted Date Vivavoce Completed Status Date Awarded
1 Naidu GT 29-08-2016 1600109006 Adolescence as Paradox:A Psychosocial Study in Select Realistic Young Adult Fictions YES 12-06-2020 YES 16-09-2021
2 Mr. Shanavas Pattupara 10-08-2011 1100109003 The Evolution of the Indian Middle Class:Text and Context in Select Indian English Fictions YES 08-07-2019 YES 20-08-2020
3 Ms. Neepa Sarkar 02-09-2011 PU/CE/E9/PHD/2011-12 Place, Displacement and Collective Memory in Select Twentieth Century Postcolonial Narratives YES 29-08-2018 YES 30-08-2019
4 Mr. Raghavendra 13-08-2012 PU/CE/E9/PHD/2012-13 Literary Mediation Between Humans and the Environment:An Ecocritical Inquiry into Gary Snyders Selected Poetry YES 27-04-2018 YES 05-04-2019
5 Mr. Subramanyam K 10-09-2013 PU/CE/E9/PHD/2013-14 The Chemical Romance:A Study of Altered Consciousness in Select Narcotic Literature of France and England in 19th and 20th Centuries. YES 13-11-2017 YES 19-12-2018
6 Mansoor Cherusseri 15-09-2014 PU/CE/E9/PHD/2014-15 Dynamics of Counter Discourse, Identity and Sumud:A Study of Mahmoud Darwishs Select Poems YES 07-09-2017 YES 21-08-2018
7 Abdul Kayoom V 23.08.2012 PU/CE/E9/PHD/ Dilemma in the Metaphysical Detection:A Study on Select Fictions YES 02-06-2017 YES 02-08-2018
8 Yumnam Nirmala Devi 10-09-2013 1300109006 Regional Literature NO NO
9 Ramthai 21-09-2015 15000109012 Regional Literature NO NO
10 Arun DM 25-03-2021 2000109003 Reading Reality:Tracking the Course of Reading through an Epistemological Study NO NO

Research Guidance - Post Doctoral

S.No Scholar Name Designation Funding Agency Fellowship Title Year of Joining Year of Completion

Financial assistance availed to attend conferences / workshops and to pay membership fee
of professional bodies during the year

S.No Conference/ workshop attended for which financial support provided Professional body for which membership fee is provided Amount of Support Place From Date To Date Year

E-Lecture Details

S.No E-Lecture Title Development of e-content/e-learning/delivering Member of Editorial Bodies Reviewer/Referee of
Content/Module Title Institution/Platform Year Weblink
1 My Early Days, from Wings of Fire by Abdul Kalam Discipline upbringing,Scientific thinking, Writing to describe place and people, Listening Skills to understand subject related topics CEC-Under Graduate 2012 Google records Lecture of Dr.Lakhimai Mili-E Content Ms.C EM, Pondicherry University EM-PU

Details of Online Education Conducted

S.No Nature of Online Course No. of Sessions Target Group Date

Invited Talks in Conference/Seminar/Workshop/Training Programme

S.No Title of the Paper Conferences/Seminar/Workshop/Training Programme Organized by Whether International / National / State / Regional / College or University Level From To Year
1 Indigenous Writings from North East Conference Kanchi Mamunivar Govt Institute for PG Studies & Research National 25th February 25th February 2020
2 Introducing the Writers from North-East India Conference KMGIPSR (Research Institute)-Pondicherry International 25-02-2020 25-02-2020 2020
3 Meandering Memories and Nostalgic Longing:An Eco-philosophical Reading of Mamang Dai &Temsula Aos Se Seminar Dept. of English, Central University of Tamil Nadu. Thiruvarur National 9th February 10th February 2018
4 Writing from North-East India Video Conference TheivanaiAmmal College for Women Regional 09-09-2017 09-09-2017 2017
5 English Language as a Threat to Culture and Linguistic Identity: A Snapshot from North-East Seminar Department of Languages, Govt Arts and Science College, Kondotty National 19-12-2017 19-12-2017 2017
6 Mamang Dai’s “River Poems” Seminar Govt. Brennen College, Thallasary National 09-07-2012 10-07-2012 2012
7 Developing Reading Habits Literary Association Sivagnaani Arts and Science College Regional 22-09-2012 22-09-2012 2012
8 Motivational Strategies in English Language Learning Programme All India Radio, Puducherry State 12-04-2012 12-04-2012 2012
9 Communicative English Inauguration of English Association Kamban College of arts & Science for Women Regional 26-07-2010 26-07-2010 2010

Conferences/Seminars Organized

S.No Title of the Programme Sponsors Venue & Duration Whether International / National / State / Regional / College or University Level From To Year
1 Interdisciplinary Approaches to Environment, Ecosystem and Sustainable Development Union Territory of Puducherry Legal Service Authority.( Athiti Hotel- One Day Program International 22nd February 22nd February 2020
2 One Day National Seminar on English Literature in the Digital Era Pondicherry university Pondicherry University National 12-01-2016 12-01-2016 2016

Workshop Organized

S.No Title of the Programme Sponsors Venue & Duration Whether International / National / State / Regional / College or University Level From To Year
1 Bridging, Literature, Language, Culture and Global Citizenship:Cosmopolitanism,Translations & World MHRD- SPARC Libarary Annexure Hall. Pondicherry University.One Week Program. International 20th February 28th February 2020
2 Protection and Enforcement of Tribal Rights Pondicherry University & Union Territory of Pondicherry Legal Services Authority. Seminar Hall-I, School of Humanities.9.30 am-5pm National 22nd March 22nd Mrach 2019
3 Developing Global Citizenship through the Pedagogy of Literature MHRD- SPARC Libarary Annexure Hall.Pondicherry University. One Day Programm National 18th October 18th October 2019
4 Drug Abuse Union Territory ofPuducherry Legal Services Authority.(UTPLSA) Pondicherry University.9.30 am-5pm National 21-02-2016 21-02-2016 2016

Administrative Responsibilities in the Government and Quasi Government Agencies

S.No Name of the Position Agency/Organisation Duration Nature of Duties
1 Chairperson for Legal Service Clinic for the Students of North East Region Union Territory of Pondicherry Legal Service (UTPLSA) with National Legal Service Authority (NALSA) From 2016 till date (5 years) The office in the PU Campus help students in sensitising on legal help when they face discrimination and harassment.It also records complains and pro

Affiliation in Academic Bodies/Societies

S.No Name of the Body/Society Nature of Affiliation Year
1 UG Board of Studies,Dept of English,Theivanai Ammal College for Woman.Villipuram Member 2020
2 PG Board of Studies, Pondicherry University. Member 2017
3 Board of Studies for MA Integrated. Pondicherry University. Member 2015

Participation & Extension Activities (Academic/Administraion)

S.No Name of the Position (Head, Dean, Co-ordinator, Director, etc.,) Duration Nature of Dutites
1 General Secretary for Research and Journal Alert Forum(RJAF) 2014-2015 Organizing Seminars for research and cultural programs
2 Co-ordinator for The Functional English Courses 2014-Till Date Co-ordinating the Fuctional English course, Conducting Exams for the same
3 Chairperson for the Legal Service Clinic for the Students of North-East Region in Pondicherry Univer 2016-Till Date Dealing with guiding students on legal matters when face with problems, various kinds of harassments
4 One of the Coordinators of the Department Alumni Association. 2019 till date Collecting and keeping track of students who have studied in English Dept and updating their activities in their professional fields
5 Cultural Coordinator for the various activities in the Department. 2019 till date To guide the students of the Department in Organising various activities such, Cultural Programs, Film Club and Literary Club where students organise from time to time.
6 ST Representative for Ph.D Admissions 2019 . To be part of the Scrutiny and Interview Committee
7 Observer Duty, Entrance Exam, Pondicherry University. 2019 Rendered service as Observer at Acharya College of Art & Science and at Christ Engineering College.

Participation & Extension Activities (Co-Curricular)

S.No Name of the Position (NSS, NCC, Warden etc.,) Duration Nature of Dutites
1 Warden 2017-2018 Taking care of Girls Hostel
2 Co-ordinating for Assamese Language related to MathriBasha 3 days Conducting of the various competitions like quiz, essay, dance,
3 Co-ordinating ATTAM 3 days Co-ordinating various competitions organized
4 Students Elections 2018 & 2019 Was part of the assisting in the Smooth conduct of the Students Council Elections held at School of Humanities Block.
5 As a Faculty Guide for Educational Tour with Students March 2016 with MA final Year Batch To be a part of the Educational Tour to the various sites of Academic and Cultural interest by visiting places like Mysore, Coorg and Ooty.
6 As a Faculty Guide for Educational Tour with Students Mrach 2018 final Year Batch To accompany the students to various selected places of Histotical, Cultural and Literary importance.

Collaboration with Institution/Industry

S.No Collaborator Name Designation Institution/Industry Type Nature of Collaboration Period of Collaboration Visits to Collaborating
Institution / Industry
Details of Collaborative Research/Teaching
From Date To Date From Date To Date
1 Dr.Shobna Nijawan Professor York University, Canada INTERNATIONAL Project-Sparc as CO- PI with Dr. Kalpana April-2019 April, 2021 May, 2021 August, 2021 Two workshop Organised in India.Collaborative Research Publication.Visiting Yet to take place.

Faculty Development Programme Attended (Orientation, Refresher, other Short Term Course during the year)

S.No Title of the FDP Organiser Venue Duration From Date To Date Year
1 Short Term Course on Context of Canadian Literature Department of English, Pondicherry University Library Annex Building One Week 3rd September 7th September 2018
2 Refresher Course in English UGC-Human Resource Development Center UGC-HRDC, Pondicherry University 21 Days 5th September 25th September 2018
3 ICSSR Sponsored CAPACITY BUILDING Program for Faculty in Social Sciences School of Social Sciences &International Studies Seminar Hall-2, Pondicherry University 14 days 20th May 2nd June 2017
4 Workshop on Training of Trainers on Career Guidance & Counselling Rajive Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development and Pondicherry University Dept of Applied Psychology, Pondicherry University. One Week 22nd February 26th February 2016
5 Workshop on English Language Teaching, Literature & Cultural Studies English Language Teacher's interactive Forum(ELTIF) Vidya Mandir College, Payyanur, Kerela One Week 27th December,2015 2nd January 2016
6 UGC Sponsored SUMMER SCHOOL (MD) Academic Staff College Pondicherry University 21 Days 2nd May 22nd May 2013
7 Workshop on Academic Writing:Principles, Pedagogy and Practices English Language Teachers Forum & Immaculate College of Education Immaculate College of Education One Week 14th December 20th December 2013
8 UGC Sponsored Refresher Course in English Academic Staff College Pondicherry University 21 Days 27th May 16th June 2009
9 UGC Sponsored Orientation Course Academic Staff College Pondicherry University 28 days 1st June 28th June 2007

Details of Executive Development Prog/Management Development Prog. conducted

S.No Name of the Programme No. of Participants Venue Duration From Date To Date Year Revenue Generated

Participation in IMPESS, IMPRINT, SPARC, STARS, LEAP Programme etc and DSF Funding Programme


Enrolment under ARPIT Programme

S.No Name of the Programme Period of the Programme
From Date To Date